Aside: Whatever it takes


So I’m a second semester Senior in college and like most Seniors in college, I’m freaking out. I am constantly trying to create a plan for myself and better myself for the future. Over the past four years I have gotten great grades and have been heavily involved on and off my campus but I still feel uneasy about finding a job and making my way into the real world.

Although this uneasy feeling exists there are still things that I do day to day that allow me some sanity!  I stumbled upon the blog The College Prepster during my sophomore year and have really grown fond of Carly. She is everything I aspire to be and more. She talks about helpful organization tips and gives her readers an insight into her life as a 20-something that inspires and astonishes. She is not your average woman and of course not all of us can accomplish what she has by her age but when I read her blog I feel confident about heading into the unknown.

Another great spot for tips and motivation, especially for young woman looking to move up in the world, is the Levo League. I first heard about this site through Carly’s blog since she now works there but it is something I always go back to. The Levo League offers great articles about how to be successful in the workforce along with relevant and feasible job postings for the freshly graduated woman. Office hours is also an extremely helpful mentoring tool that Levo League provides. Listening to highly accomplished woman tell their stories and give advice, knowing they have been where we are, is an easy avenue to our own success.

Something else that I do to better myself is scroll through Twitter and discover Twitter feeds that are interesting and informative. Some of the most helpful Twitters are the ones by business magazines like Forbes and Inc. I also follow Twitter feeds like NY Marketing Jobs and Washington Post Jobs which give me up to date job postings and opportunities. Creating a Twitter that is solely for business and professional use is also a responsible step towards making it in the professional world.

And if all else fails there is always the quiet place …What are some things you look at or do to ease the anxiety of new beginnings?


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  1. How to be the best | Ariel + Grace

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