Woman of the Week!

I present to you: Sheryl Sandberg


Yes you may have heard of her, she is the COO of Facebook and she essentially rules the world, but really.

I am taking a class called Representation in the Media and we have recently been focusing  on women and their role in the work force. We read a New Yorker article  highlighting her rise to the top and her strong work ethic. Sheryl believes that women are just as capable as men at getting to the top but most times they hold themselves back.

Sandberg spoke at a TEDWomen conference and she gave three suggestions on how to solve the problem of the lack of women in top positions. The first being that women need to “sit at the table”, we can not expect to get anywhere if we are just sitting back and not participating. Her second piece of advice for women is “make sure your partner is a real partner”, make sure that the person you’re with is going to support you and that you will be able to share responsibilities. Her final piece of advice is “don’t leave before you leave”, even before women begin a family but are thinking about starting one they stop taking on important tasks and by doing this you make yourself less valuable to your organization.

 Although Sheryl has a bad rap with some women because of her unconventional stance, I really appreciate her viewpoint and think that if more women were as assertive, ambitious and confident as she is then the world would be a better place. To hear more of what Sheryl Sandberg has to say check out her TEDWomen talk  & her Barnard commencement speech 2011


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