I’m on my way to London in less than 8 days! 

I traveled there with my family and Nicholas this past spring and am so happy and blessed to be able to go back so soon. We’re staying in Earl’s Court, the same neighborhood as last time but at the Hotel Ibis. A great group of friends from school will be with us and it will be many of their first times over seas! I hope to show them some of the things I learned last time and discover new things with them.  I have put together a short outline of our trip to share with all of you!

The Neighborhood

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Earls Court is similar to a small suburb right outside of London. There are a lot of great little pubs like The Prince of Teck that I’m sure we will be frequenting and it is easy to get around. (P.S. there is even a Starbucks right down the street from the hotel…)

Tea for Two


I am determined to go to tea while in London, I am almost positive that last time I was there I did not get tea, how can you not get tea while in London? The two places have caught my eye are Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly Circus or Brown’s Hotel in the heart of Mayfair. Both are quite lavish but a girl can dream!

The Sites

I hope to go to a few touristy spots but not too many. I loved going to Tower of London to see the crown jewels and the London Eye was fun but I think the only place we’ll be going back to is Piccadilly Circus so that we can explore more. I would really like to go to Kensington Garden to see Peter Pan, Princess Diana’s memorial and the Italian Garden.

(Nick and I at the Tower of London last spring)

The Libations

We have an entire pub crawl planned. Its gonna be fantastic, all the pubs are historic and the beer will be flowing. We are starting at 11 am and working our way around London all day from The Mayflower to  the Sir Richard Steele.


Do you have any suggestions for cool places I should check out in London?


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