How to be the best


Whenever I am searching the web I am looking for blogs and articles about things that will help better myself as an individual in the workplace as well as society. I often times want to share these things with my peers but I feel as though there is a line that it usually drawn that separates me from them. Not to say that my peers are not as motivated or poised for success as I am but I am just not your average 20 something and that’s okay. This is why I am glad to be able to have readers who seek out and read the things that I find interesting too!

As I have shared with you in my past post Whatever it Takes I am a senior in college and I have been very focused on finding a job and what to do when I do find one! Levo League had a great article recently about how to still dress professionally in bad weather. I feel like this is really relevant because I am never quite sure what to wear when it is raining or snowing. Today I went to a campus career fair and it’s raining so I chose to wear my rain boots under my khakis, not a good look, trust me. The article is really helpful and also brought me to a blog I had never heard of before. Corporette is a blog that describes itself as a fashion, lifestyle and career advice blog for overachieving chicks, awesome right? I have been scrolling through and finding some great tips about networking, professional dress, and current events within the business world. Here is a great one about email etiquette that I found really helpful!

Something else I would love to share with you all is theSkimm! This is a daily newsletter created by two women in their 20’s who wanted to bring the news to women everywhere. They write in their about us page: “We see ourselves as a part of a generation where women are out-earning men in paychecks and degrees. We’ve grabbed our seats at the table, now it’s time to Skimm to the head.” The newsletter is fun and easy to read and understand! It tells you everything you need to know with some fun side comments to keep you giggling.  I think that it is so important to be informed and educated about the world around us in order to be functioning citizens and members of the workforce. theSkimm keeps me informed and fits into my busy day, I can read it anywhere and share it with my friends to keep them informed too!

What are some things you do to make yourself the best you, you can be?

Bonus:  take a break and meet your LLBean boyfriend…


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