Confidence and the Job Search

For the past week I have woken up everyday and started looking for jobs but I have only applied to about two. I am so intimidated by the process and the idea of actually getting a response back!

I am always feeling like I need to have everything perfect and I also really don’t qualify for any of these positions since they all prefer 3-5+ years of experience. What is an almost recent college grad to do? (I am buying my cap and gown soon, serious reality check.)

I came across one particular article about being insecure in your 20’s and about how as much as they are very romantic years they are also very stressful. The article links to a list at the end about 20 good habits to pick up in your twenties. I have read lists like this before and I see some common themes.

They encourage you to cut the bad out of your life: the negative people, the bad habits and the negative thoughts. Lists like this also encourage you to not compare yourself to others and to try to accept changes instead of fight them. These are all great pieces of advice but I also feel like they do not take the time to recognize that we are human and that all of the things that these lists encourage us not to do are also human nature and can not always be controlled.

Don’t get me wrong, these are all great things to aspire to but I also hope that everyone can still recognize that they are human and do not feel bad about themselves if they do not match up to all of these pieces of advice.

Well it’s back to the world of resume’s and portfolio’s for me. Do you think these lists of advice help or hurt us?



One thought on “Confidence and the Job Search

  1. Victoria, thanks for sharing!! I completely agree that many things in your life “just happen” and are out of your control. I actually think the unpredictable nature of the world is what makes it so interesting. Certainly, regimenting your life and not allowing yourself to truly EXPERIENCE anything – even if it is pain, error, regrets – is no way to live at all!

    However, I will say that I think the benefit of these types of lists is recognizing which things truly resonate with us, figuring out why that is, and applying them in a positive way.

    Good Luck on the job search! 🙂

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