6 Impossible Things

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.

Have you ever been daydreaming and you find yourself wishing for things that you know could never happen or won’t happen for a very long time? I am always coming up with some moonstruck desires for my future or for our world that I really just wish would become a reality. Here are my six impossible things:

1. A world where social media did not exist. Imagine it, full on human interaction with stimulating conversation and proper interpersonal skills? What a world that would be. Of course social media has brought us all closer together and changed the face of business forever but it can never beat being in the same room as the person you are interacting with. Who needs to be looking at their screens constantly when you have all these stars?


2. I would love to be able to transport from one place to another in the blink of an eye, kind of like in Harry Potter when they apparate, you know? I often think of this when I am driving because I rather dislike driving long distances. I think this would be an amazing experience that could not only bring different cultures and worlds together but also make us happier people because we would be able to see our loved ones from far away more often. Maybe if this were possible we would have never invented social media. Why haven’t we figured this out yet?


3. Fairies. Yes actual fairies like in the movie FairyTale. I used to have dreams about fairies when I was a little girl. They would be dancing around my room and singing to me. I don’t know if I should think that it was magical or borderline crazy but either way I love the idea of fairies. I also would make little fairy homes on the beach hoping I would come back to find them there. I was a very optimistic little girl.


4. A world where stress did not exist. We all know that stress is constantly simmering beneath our calm facades and that our world is ridden with depression and anxiety because of it. Let’s just eliminate stress all together so we can all live happily ever after (just like Denmark).


5. A world where I could eat dozens and dozens of macarons because all dessert would have no calories. Need I say more?


6. A closet the size of a small bedroom (like these) overflowing with diamonds, pearls, classy shift dresses, bright & colorful clothing, well made shoes and matching pajama sets. OK maybe this one isn’t completely impossible…



What would be on your list of impossible things?


Social Responsibility & Leggings, What’s Not to Love?

The work is piling on more and more as the end of the year grows closer. The fear of not graduating because I can not get my work done and the fear of missing out and moving on are ever present throughout my days here.

I just have to keep reminding myself to breath and focus on the little things that I love about my university. This article from the NY Times talks about how we can decrease “brain fatigue” by just going for a walk in the park. It says that right about now I should be taking a break from work and going for a walk so I guess I should enjoy my beautiful campus while I can and the work can wait…right?


Something I really wish I was able to focus on more right now is my job search but specifically my portfolio. Of course I have been creating my portfolio consistently throughout my years at school but I have not had the time in the past months to compile it all into one place. I have been given a lot of great opportunities here and would really like to showcase it. I just discovered WordPress Porfolio and I think that this along with a hard copy of my portfolio would be great. It would be able to highlight all of the things that the hard copy couldn’t and more.

So as the job search chugs along (slowly that is) I find myself looking for companies that are strongly geared toward social responsibility as well as companies that carry an authentic reputation. I came across an article about H&M on Refinery29’s page the other day and was really impressed. H&M is now one of the first companies to release the names and locations of all of its factories in its move towards even greater transparency and openness. Now that is what I would classify as an authentic company.

Refinery29 also caught my eye for another reason: the legging handbook (as I like to call it). They have gathered five different legging looks that aren’t your average baggy shirt and tights combo and it gets better…The five girls showcased give the low down on their top do’s and don’ts of leggings, I think every female should take a look, study it even. Some of these looks may even be office appropriate…sign me up!

It’s definitely a tie for which one is my favorite:



Which look do you prefer? Are leggings work appropriate (if done well)?

P.S. Doesn’t this look delicious and who doesn’t love a sweet Sunday read?

What I learned in London

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford. – Samuel Johnson 

London was a whirlwind, it came and went so quickly that my mind is still mostly all there and not here at school where it needs to be but I guess I can’t really complain. I was inspired and astounded by London all over again!


Our pre-1700’s pub crawl (at The George Inn above) was by far the best part, that night a local told me that it takes two years to really see London, I feel like there is still so much more for me to discover and be a part of. As I was scrolling through LondonLately I discovered London Walks, something I wish I had discovered three weeks ago but gives me all the more reason to go back…or move there. We gave ourselves a lot of self guided tours, being seniors in college and all, we had to find ways to save our money but these walks would have been fantastic, only £7! There is always next time!

If you are going on a trip where you know you are going to be doing a lot of walking, check the weather.  Of course London is known for it’s grey and dreary weather but last March in London, England was top notch in the weather department, sunny and comfortable, balmy even! March 2013 did not have the same effect. It was chilly and damp for the majority of the trip and this girl did not bring enough warm shoes or a warm enough coat.

I had packed about 5 pairs of flats and one pair of boots for the trip and I most certainly did not need ballet flats in that weather. JCrew posted a video recently about their shoes and I think this is what I had in mind for all my fun and shiny flats on this trip, wishful thinking. Shoes are like fairies after all!


Something else I learned in London: if you are going on a trip of a life time, it’s a good time to disconnect. Here we all are at the science museum taking advantage of their free WiFi, looks fun right? Guys can we leave our phones at home next time?


London was a fantastic trip and I felt right at home there. We are all already planning our next trip back but for now we should probably focus on the end of our senior year.

P.S. Yesterday was national Macaron Day, have you ever had a macaron? I had never had one before I went to London and I am addicted now! I got a dozen at Fortnum and Mason to bring home because they were that good. We ended up having tea at Ladurée after doing some shopping at Harrods on Thursday afternoon and the macarons there were to die for as well and so was the atmosphere! They have a shop in NYC (their only location in America) that I will, of course, be adventuring to.


I’m on my way to London in less than 8 days! 

I traveled there with my family and Nicholas this past spring and am so happy and blessed to be able to go back so soon. We’re staying in Earl’s Court, the same neighborhood as last time but at the Hotel Ibis. A great group of friends from school will be with us and it will be many of their first times over seas! I hope to show them some of the things I learned last time and discover new things with them.  I have put together a short outline of our trip to share with all of you!

The Neighborhood

fd vcmk

Earls Court is similar to a small suburb right outside of London. There are a lot of great little pubs like The Prince of Teck that I’m sure we will be frequenting and it is easy to get around. (P.S. there is even a Starbucks right down the street from the hotel…)

Tea for Two


I am determined to go to tea while in London, I am almost positive that last time I was there I did not get tea, how can you not get tea while in London? The two places have caught my eye are Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly Circus or Brown’s Hotel in the heart of Mayfair. Both are quite lavish but a girl can dream!

The Sites

I hope to go to a few touristy spots but not too many. I loved going to Tower of London to see the crown jewels and the London Eye was fun but I think the only place we’ll be going back to is Piccadilly Circus so that we can explore more. I would really like to go to Kensington Garden to see Peter Pan, Princess Diana’s memorial and the Italian Garden.

(Nick and I at the Tower of London last spring)

The Libations

We have an entire pub crawl planned. Its gonna be fantastic, all the pubs are historic and the beer will be flowing. We are starting at 11 am and working our way around London all day from The Mayflower to  the Sir Richard Steele.


Do you have any suggestions for cool places I should check out in London?

While we were snowed in…

We all ate well and drank too much wine! But I wish I had thought of this drink before the snow hit! The dark & stormy is usually a summer drink but it really does seem fitting.

But the food! Oh the food!

We had all these leftovers and we didn’t know what to do with them but what’s better than experimenting a little?

Pico de Gaillo

Here’s our recipe:

1 cup left over pico de gaillo
1.5 cups green peppers and onions
1/2 cup of cilantro
1.5 cups chicken stalk
2 cloves garlic
12 oz can tomatoes
6 chicken drumsticks
1 Jalapeno
Salt, pepper & a dollop of greek yogurt

and cornbread, of course!

Two other soups: taco and lentil that would have been fun to eat during the blizzard! Looks like we might get another chance this weekend though.


Photo taken by friend Charlie Shaffer of Nantasket Beach after the storm.