Life Lately

After the week that Boston just had I feel like it would be a good idea to highlight all the good things in my life from this past week instead of obsessing over the the bad. Don’t get me wrong I was panicking and glued to the news but that can be draining especially for someone who’s home is right outside Boston.

So in lieu of dissecting the week and rehashing where I was and what my story is, here is a whole lot of good from my week.

1. I went to my first Red Sox game of the season on April 14th with my family and Nicholas. It was a great game, Buchholz almost had a no hitter!


2. I wore a pretty cute outfit to the Red Sox game too.


3. On our drive back up to school on Patriot’s Day, I was feeling pretty lucky so I took a chance and I won $10! Also June 17th is my birthday so that was a little weird. IMG_4033

4. I bought my dress for graduation. Oh my god, I can’t even believe that it is so close. I got it on sale at the Gap but they don’t sell the color that I got online, the white and navy are also pretty cute though.


5. WSU Spring Weekend was this past weekend. I had to work a lot but my time off was really fun. The outdoor photo booth was hysterical.


6. We had a cookout with all our friends too. (Seniors pictured here…)IMG_4047

7. To top it all off, so many beautiful things happened in Boston after the attack, human nature and kindness were out in full force. Boston Strong. IMG_3951


Did you see this?

yes this!

Friday will be a good day! If all goes as planned we will be getting about a foot of snow here in Southern New England. That’s the most snow we’ve gotten in 2 years. Within the past three or four weeks we have been getting flurries and dusting but never anything substantial and with days as cold as these I would love to actually gain something from the cold weather!

It is the beginning of my last second semester as an undergrad and stress levels are high and work is only piling higher, so a weekend snowed in would be a recipe for cozy productivity.

I picture hot chocolate, music and crossing things off of a to do this.

What do you plan to do if we get snowed in?